Endcliffe Hall, 2nd July 2022


Time: 9pm – 2am

Team Members: Brett Rogers, Ann-Marie Pooleman, Pam Hudson, Sally Gibbon, Kit Brewer, Linda Allen and Honorary Team Member Harry.

A return visit to this venue, still in use by the army reserves and another warm night for it.

We got an earlier start than usual in order to make the most of the night and the large venue. Before we had even gone into he ballroom to do a protection circle, one of the guests picked up on a man called ‘Paul’, wearing blue while we were gathered in the conservatory area. Other guests who had visited the loos before our welcome talk said they heard what sounded like a growl on the stairs.

Could it be an eventful night?

During our protection circle in the ballroom a guest saw a light anomaly shoot across the circle and another guest said she could sense the spirits of a boy and girl aged around 6 and 9 years old. Two guests began complaining of pains in their hips, describing the feeling as if they were wearing a calliper. Once the circle activity was complete, we decided to split the group a little so myself and Linda took a small group of 4 upstairs to see how it felt up there. Guests picked up on the presence of an ‘R Taylor’ (there is a placard on the wall in the ballroom area with the name R.S Taylor). Had the guest subconsciously seen that name earlier? Or was the spirit of ‘R Taylor’ making themselves known? Guests also felt the presence of a chaplain in WW2 times. A man who had performed the last rites many times.

Our 4 guests then had a go using the Ouija board. One guest began to cough and another mentioned feeling as if the room was smoky and that her face was hot and felt ”covered up”. The name Captain Arnold, possibly ‘George’ came through. The men in the group felt as if someone was stood in between them and one was sure he saw a figure in the mirror above the fireplace. Was it a reflection of one of us? Or could it have been ‘Captain Arnold’ showing himself to us?
One guest picked up on the image of a tall slender gentleman, carrying a can with some kind of rams head adornment on the top. She felt like this cane was meant to go to someone after his death, but that they didn’t receive it.

We then all heard a bang from the adjacent room (the bar area). Almost like a cupboard door or something. On investigating this area there was a cabinet with the door slightly ajar but we had no way of debunking if it had been open all the time. I had a short sharp pain (like a needle or a pin) in the back of my head when we investigated this particular room.

Our group then settled into a room off what seemed to be a mess area. Guests were using divining rods and as they called out, seemed to get the answer that “what happened, wasn’t my fault. I was a scapegoat”. Both female guests had the sense that they were communicating with a young man with Downs Syndrome who had been hidden away in the house. At this point Linda and I took them to the area where on our last visit, we had discovered an old attic area hidden up some stairs in a tiny corridor. Again, here, the guests felt as if the spirit of this young man (Andy) was with them.

We broke early for a break at this point as the energy was getting quite intense in such a small space.

The first group who had been on vigils downstairs, reported activity on their K2 and the sight of some kind of shadow person beneath the large conference table in one room so we took our group there but after about 45 minutes with little interaction we decided to move on to the cellar area. Here we used the light grid which illuminated the dark and lonely cellar area quite eerily. Some guests reported seeing light anomalies or shadows within the light grid but nothing was caught on camera as hard evidence. I saw a white looking shadow/anomaly at floor level towards the rear of the cellar corridor and had a feeling of pins and needles in my lower back. We all heard a loud click but could neither confirm nor debunk where this came from.

On meeting back up with the rest of the group and the team, all guests said they had enjoyed the evening and went home happy with their little bags of sweeties, courtesy of Brett and Nic. There were even some crisps left from breaktime!
Looking forward to our next event at Sheffield Emergency Vehicle Museum in September and to seeing/hearing if Brett captured anything on his tech, once he has had chance to check it all.

All in all another successful mini investigation at this wonderful venue.

Write up by Kit Brewer.