Bolling Hall, Bradford 17th June 2023

Bolling Hall

Bolling Hall, Bradford 17th June 2023

The Visage team were back for a much anticipated investigation at Bradford’s Bolling Hall last month. And if the preliminary baseline walk around was anything to go by, we were in for an interesting evening.

There was a very highly charged atmosphere as we were setting up, unexplained whispers were heard and a sound like the swishing of skirts. The air felt almost ‘giddy’ for want of a better description. There was a corner of the eye glimpse of something looking as if it was peeping through the balustrade of the balcony, which I took to be a child. And all this before the guests had arrived.

There was a mixed crowd of guests, some who were returning Visage customers, and a couple who had never been on any event of this type before, but all were enthusiastic and keen.
We split into two groups after an initial whole group mediation circle in the back kitchen area. Interestingly many guests independently stated that they had felt a strange energy in the archway between the front and rear kitchen areas. Something I myself had commented on some months ago when Brett and I had done a Risk Assessment visit. Also this apparently was the site of an odd timeslip type incident experienced by one of the museum staff some years ago, when he saw a gentlemen in Tudor style clothing who briefly looked as shocked as he did to be seeing him, before fizzling away into nothing!

Using various equipment such as the Ouija board, table tipping and the Human Pendulum technique, the guests seemed to find a small child called Thomas who wanted to play and had lived at the Hall. There was also a Benjamin who was supposedly the secret lover of a Lady Caroline Lindley.
There was also some unwelcome profanity at one point which we cut off and asked spirit to step away and allow others to come forward.

The glass spelled out the name of one of the guests and several guests felt tingles on their back and neck.

While upstairs near the Blue Room, two guests independently of each other and neither aware of what they saw, reported to me that they thought that had seen a lady in a crinoline type dress walking across the floor in the adjacent room with the cradle and the garderobe.

Whilst downstairs on our second big vigil, it seemed that a family member came through on the glasswork table warning about an issue with “gas” and at one point we thought the first Ouija board proposal might be happening! Watch this space and make sure to buy a lovely hat just in case!

The atmosphere seemed to calm down by now and the highly charged air of when we first arrived seemed to die down by about 12pm. Perhaps the children of Bolling Hall had gone to bed by then?

We are already looking forward to our next investigation which will be at the brilliant Thackray Museum of Medicine in Leeds in September which is SOLD OUT!

Hope to see you there.