The Old Funeral Parlour, 6th April 2024

The first event of 2024 and a new venue was finally here last Saturday 6th April.
I would have to cope without my bestie sidekick, as she was away on holiday, but I was excited nonetheless. We had plenty of Team Leaders and a new idea of awarding Certificates of Achievement to any guests completing a lone vigil for at least 10 minutes! There were two prime locations for this at Annison’s – an original embalming table and a ‘used’ coffin! Would anyone be brave enough?
We were shown around the location by the resident staff and their feline companion – Spike the cat, who, we were warned, would likely follow us around. Something to watch out for with regards trigger objects, brushes against the ankles or feelings of being watched!
I don’t know if I was more tired than I thought, or the empath in me was reacting to the residual energy of the building and what it had been used as for so many years, but I was left completely drained before the guests had all arrived. It really sapped my energy and left me feeling particularly maudlin and despondent. Feelings I was not able to shake for the entire night. Luckily I am part of a very professional and compassionate team and I was bolstered throughout the night by my fellow volunteer team members. Not even the requisite salt & vinegar crisps and a few chocolatey snacks at break time could boost my depleted energy.
The only name I picked up was given to me by one of Nic’s dolls during the intro talk, and that name was Geoff or Geoffrey.
This name did seem to come up later in the evening while guests tried the
Ouija board, along with several other names from our guests throughout the evening in one form or another. These included Rebecca, Caroline, Emma, George and Walter.
As it was quite a central location in Hull on a Saturday night, there was quite a lot of external noise pollution from passers-by and the emergency services. Later on the heavy rain and wind were also disruptive factors. During our initial protective circle and whole group vigil, one of the doors banged and blew open, which made us all jump but I think we were writing that one off as external weather conditions.
In our group in the stables area, we had quite a lot of K2 activity so some guests tried the Ouija board but without much success. Another guest (holding one of Nic’s dolls) then joined in on the Ouija board and seemed to be receiving messages from a deceased relative. Then it was time for a caffeine and crisps break to refuel and debrief with the other group. This is where I was told about the names Rebecca and Caroline and the figures of these two ladies were seen by at least one team member and some guests.
Seemingly there was also a gentleman who wasn’t particularly pleasant
who had connection with a ship and a George who was some kind of blacksmith – which would fit with the narrative of the building housing so many stables.
So far so good. The guests were having a great time and were giddy for the rest of the night. It was lovely to chat with some of them at the break and swap and share paranormal experiences.
The second half of the evening we took the other group into the same stable area and again got quite a bit of K2 activity. (Some of which we debunked as electrical wiring in the wall behind us).
However one guest felt sure they had been touched on the arm. We got quite excited when the music box was triggered out in the corridor but that was debunked as Spike the cat going on a midnight mission.
While over in the other part of the building, 2 very brave guests did partake in separate lone vigils inside the old coffin. Both said they heard footsteps around them and a presence near-by. Very well-deserved certificates were awarded to both of them at the end of the night.
Before we knew it the end of the night had come and it was time to bid our guests a safe journey home with their goodie bags and hope to see some of them again on the next one.
So a fairly quiet one really. The scariest part being the rather protracted and stressful drive back to Leeds.
Another new location awaits on April 20th and I hope to see some of our lovely guests and excellent team members there.