About Us

It’s been quite a journey to get to this point. Nicola & Brett, the owners of Visage Paranormal, have been attending ghost hunting events as guests and team members for many years and after some considerable thought they decided that they would put all their knowledge and experience to good use and they decided to set up Visage Paranormal.

The whole team have years of experience in the field so we’re pretty certain we can answer any questions you may have.

On top of our priority list is you, our wonderful guests, we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We have set out below what you can expect when you come on one of our ghost hunting events. So have a read through and see what you think. We can assure you that you will be in very safe hands with us.

We are a friendly bunch of like minded people and we look forward to meeting you on one of our future events!

What can you expect from a night with visage paranormal?

Your night will commence with a short welcome speech and introduction to our team and we will also be finding out your experiences of ghost hunting. Whether it be your first one or not we, will do our best to give you the best possible experience.

You will have an opportunity to use all of our equipment from night vision goggles to K2 meters and we will tell you a little bit about each piece of equipment before we commence. If you want to know more about a specific piece of equipment feel free to ask and we will do our best to answer your query.

We will do protection at the start of the event if guests so wish.  This is personal choice and you do not have to participate but the offer is always  there.  This is your night so we want you to feel as safe and comfortable as possible.  Some of our events require a lit walk around with the venue owners as part of the terms and conditions but not all of them, so if this is not a requirement we will just commence with the evening.

You will have the chance to investigate the location in small intimate groups. We try and keep group sizes to no more than 10 people where we can but this can change due to unforeseen circumstances.

There will be several chances throughout the night where guests can grab themselves a hot or cold drink and snacks as they will be provided on most ghost hunts unless otherwise stated.

On ALL of our events (where permitted to do so) you will have 1 hour at the end of the night to conduct your own vigil during what we call FREETIME. This allows us to pack things up and get things ready for wrapping up the night.

Meet the team


Hi, my name is Brett and I am the joint owner of Visage Paranormal alongside my wife Nicola.   I have been investigating the Paranormal for many years with various groups around the UK.

I think the furthest I’ve travelled is Edinburgh to take part in an investigation of the Edinburgh Vaults and Real Mary Kings Close. I’m addicted to ghost hunting and I am very passionate about what we do.

We have various pieces of equipment which I love using but I feel the best equipment to use is your own senses.  There is a genuine buzz when you can feel spirit around you, it’s even better when you call out and ask for responses and can hear footsteps and taps and sometime even clear words of Yes, No or even Get Out!!

My passion for the Paranormal doesn’t stop when the events finish as I usually go home and research what we have discovered and then spend the rest of my time hunting out new venues for all of our guests to enjoy.


Hi, my name is Nicola and I’m the joint owner of Visage Paranormal alongside my husband Brett.   I am the team witch and observe the teaching of Wiccan but the most distinctive thing about me is my laugh (or cackle) which is very infectious.

I don’t like to call myself a medium but like to think of myself as a sensitive.  While I have been told that I do possess ‘the gift’ I choose not to follow that path.

I have been ghost hunting for a long time both as a guest and team member and have seen quite a few things that I haven’t been able to explain. The first time I saw a table levitate and move across a room on its own, I was convinced it must have been remote control or have some kind of magnetic field, but sure enough it was an ordinary table.  From that moment on I was hooked!!

My most memorable ghost hunt would have to be the Edinburgh vaults. There was just no explanation as to what happened and I have never seen so many ghost hunters turn their torches on all at the same time!

My favourite piece of equipment would have to be the scrying mirror, it is really interesting watching your own reflection turn into that of someone else.  Other than that I have to say my own senses. I am partially deaf so my other senses are more heightened, especially on a paranormal investigation.

Hi, my name is Gary. I have been investigating alleged paranormal activity since the 80’s. I grew up with a scientific background and after beginning my research on famous cases soon became the local ‘go to’ guy in the area.

I also ran the UK’s biggest paranormal radio talk show for 3 years interviewing some of the most famous names in the field.

I have worked with numerous investigative experience companies for the last 10 years, utilising my knowledge, experience and understanding to assist in education and assisting the public who attend to achieve the best possible genuine results during their chosen event.


Hi everyone my name is Sammy and I am 34. I had my first ever paranormal experience when I was 10 years of age just after my brother passed away, even though at the time it did scare me a little I wanted to know more I was intrigued by the paranormal.

I wouldn’t say I was a sensitive as such, I don’t get certain vibes from buildings or know when a spirit is present, but I do quite often experience visitation dreams.

I have been attending investigations now for around 6 years and I have been lucky enough to visit some truly amazing locations and experience some really good activity. When investigating I’m not the kind of person to automatically think any noise or experience is paranormal. I like to explore all avenues and see if what we experience has a logical explanation.

I do enter each location with an open mind. I cant wait to meet you and hopefully share experiences and make new ones.

See you all very soon.

Hi my name is Kit. I Consider myself an empath and a sensitive. For those that want to know what an empath is, I am person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual.

I do enjoy using ghost hunting gadgets but I also like to rely on my own senses (all 6 of them!).

On events you will see me taking lots of photos and also taking notes throughout the night in the various vigils so that I can do a small write up of the event.

Hi my Name is Linda. I am a team leader and team photographer along with Kit and looks after Visage’s instagram account.

I describe myself as a ‘hopeful sceptic’. On events I will always look for rational explanations for phenomena while all the time hoping that there isn’t one! By day I work as a teaching assistant and enjoy visiting theme parks and spending time at the beach.

Hi my name is Ann marie. I have been interested in the paranormal from being young.

my first experience of this was when I was 5 I saw a gentleman stood in my bedroom and watched him walk through to my brother’s room not saying anything or looking at me. Since that night I have been looking for answers to what I saw and who it may have been.

I have worked with other teams investigating the paranormal for the last 8 years and enjoy helping others on there journey into investigating the paranormal too .

Hello my name is Sally. I’ve been doing paranormal investigations for about 4 years now I never actually knew about investigations until my close friend said about events.

I have experienced a few different things, one being a lady dressed in a lovely white dress near to where I used to live. I never actually thought the after life was true until that day and its had me curious every since.


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