If you have been on an event with Visage Paranormal you will know that we welcome any feedback about your experience. Please see below some feedback that we have received from our guests in the past.

A great team who know what they’re doing with a few laughs along the way. Had a fantastic night, will definitely be doing another event with you guys. Highly Recommended!

Kev / The Village, 8th Sept 2018

Just spent my first ghost hunt with Visage Paranormal. What an absolutely lovely team they are. Unfortunately the venue was a bit of a cock up and some of the other guests broke the terms and conditions and tried to ruin it for the rest of us but Brett, Nicola and the rest of the team made sure that we were kept in the loop and went on to give us an enjoyable evening. Would definitely do another venue with these guys.

Rochelle / The Grand Hotel, 24th September 2017

So tonight was my first 'official' investigation.
I am not new to the world of paranormal activity I do practise this in a mediumship development group so I kind of knew what to expect.

The team were brilliant, made the night quite relaxed and were as eager as I was for evidence!

I came along with a group of 7 and we had some amazing evidence with the spirit board and we then researched what evidence we got from the board and the information spirit gave us was spot on! Not that I doubted it for a minute!

The night went so quick, the team provided snacks and hot drinks which was a welcome treat when the temperature drops at night! We even left with a little goodie bag which was a lovely touch!

Overall, it was an incredibly enjoyable experience and look forward to booking another one!

For anyone that has an intrest in the paranormal, you wont be disappointed if you book! In fact I guarantee you will be impressed!

Carla / National Emergency Services Museum, 24th Sept 2022

The experience staff allow you to use their equipment to ensure you get the best possible experience. Would definitely recommend spending a night at their locations as never been disappointed

Susan / Endcliffe Hall, 7th July 2018

I would 100% recommend Visage Paranormal, they are very professional team and make you feel welcome throughout the event. This was my first time doing something like this and it turned out to be a brilliant experience. The team explain anything from areas around the building to the equipment thoroughly. Should you have any questions they are also very helpful and understanding. Great night made better with a great team.

Victoria / Todmorden Church, 8th December 2018

I had an awesome night thank you!! Can't wait to do it again with you all!!

Sarah Jane / National Emergency Services Museum, 24th Sept 2022

Had a great experience with Visage Paranormal at the Park Hotel in Morecambe. Lots of different interactions with a few spirits. Would definitely book more experiences with the team in the future.

Darren / The Park Hotel, 12th May 2018

Very professional company. Made very welcome, evening was brilliant and we were kept warm with hot drinks and snacks. People on the evening were so friendly.

The team checked on new members, especially first timers to make sure they were OK. We will certainly join you again next year. Once again Thank You for a great evening.

Carol / Todmorden Church, 8th December 2018