Ripon Workhouse & The Main Block, 18th June 2022

Ripon Workhouse

Time: 9pm-2am

Team Members: Brett Rogers, Nicola Rogers, Kit Brewer, Pam Hudson, Ann-Marie Pooleman, and our new team member Linda Allen.

This was our return visit to this fascinating location, with several new guests and even some first time investigators. Would we see similar results to last time? Who knows?!?

A static locked-off camera was set up in the main building pointing toward the staircase where we had a lot of rempod activity last time and a voice recorder left running for the entire night. It will be interesting to see what results, if any, we get from reviewing those later.

On an initial walk around prior to the guests arriving, I felt a particularly sharp pain and some nausea when stood infront of a particular cell in the Tramp’s Cell Block Area. This pain and sick feeling passed as quickly as it came on. Could this sensation be connected to a previous occupant of the cells? Maybe. On checking out the cell, there was a hammer on display in a case. Could it be something to do with that?

Once our guests had arrived we had a mass group vigil in the upstairs Guardian’s Room. There was initially a lot of K2 activity and response from both K2s. This seemed to be centred on the main table in the centre of the room. We debunked the possibly of the lights causing them to go off, particularly as both K2s were going off at different parts of the room.

We then divided into two groups and Group B went over to the Master’s House had some activity in the recreated schoolroom. The names ‘Arthur Charles’ ‘Thomas Hudson’ and ‘Penny’ came through on the Ouija board.
Group A remained in the Guardian’s Room where a ouija board session appeared to get the names come though as ‘Sarah’,’ aged 7’ & also the name ‘George’. Nic picked up the name ‘Jacob’ and the words ‘Help’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Stairs’. Several guests did report being able to smell something like a bonfire. The Boo Bear did seem to be interacting with spirit – repeatedly using the phrase “I love holding hands with you” and “That tickles”. I checked beneath the big table a couple of times as I could not shake the feeling that there was a child under there, peeping at us.

Our group then relocated downstairs while 3 guests did lone vigils in the cell area. Whilst none of them reported much in the way of activity in the cell block, guests in the Receiving Room area had the table vibrating whilst trying some table tipping and through the Ouija board they got the name ‘Kathryn’ ‘aged 6’ whose brother apparently hurt her. After some mixed answers we established that this spirit was not who they claimed to be so the board was shut down and we retired for a break and to meet up again with Group B to swap experiences.

All the guests seemed to be enjoying themselves and we swapped buildings again. Group B’s turn now to check out the Master’s House.

Once again the kitchen area seemed quite active with what could best be described a s a residual energy that came and went. Lots of K2 activity just as we did last time, all captured on video. As was a table tipping exercise in which the table was moved a distance of around 2 or 3 metres on command, again this was captured on video.

After ending the evening with a human pendulum in the Master’s Parlour area, with mixed results, our night was at an end.

Congratulations to the guest who won 2 free tickets to another investigation of her choice later in the year.

A Big thank you must go to the Ripon Workhouse Museum and staff for allowing us back. What a fascinating place!

Write up by Kit Brewer.