Join show hosts Nath Lockley and Gaz Brown for the weekly live stream and podcast show covering the paranormal and UFO fields. The show will air live every Sunday at 8.30pm to delve into these fantastic subjects, with occasional guest interviews and discussion of theories and historical cases.

The show is available on a multitude of platforms from YouTube to spotify and much more. To watch live or previous shows or listen in, click the links below:

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Show Hosts

Nath Lockley

Co-Host, UFO investigator, Co-Founder of U.P.R.I.S.I.N.G

Gary (Gaz) Brown

Co-Host, Paranormal Investigator, Ghost Hunting Team Leader

Visage Paranormal are proud to be an official sponsor of this fantastic Live show and podcast. Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe to their YouTube Channel (link above) so you don’t miss an episode!