Doncaster Air Museum, 28th May 2022

Time:9pm – 2am
Team Members: Brett Rogers, Nicola Rogers, Kit Brewer, Ann-Marie Pooleman, Sally Gibbon, Pam Hudson

A welcome visit back to one of the Visage Paranormal team’s favourite venues. The Air Museum in Doncaster.

We had returning guests and some newbies who had never attended a paranormal event before so we were excited to get started.

During an initial lone walkabout in the main hangar whilst setting up, I heard many a click and bang and saw what seemed to be a shadow flit between two aircraft so, I was very much looking forward to doing our vigils with the lights off!

During our first vigil in the meeting room area, Nic picked up on the words “Hangar 2” and a guest reported feeling very nervous “as if a cloak of butterflies had settled over her”.

A few of us set off to check out Hangar 2 but did not pick up on anything, the atmosphere seemed rather flat, so we left and joined the rest of the group who had gone to investigate the main hangar.

As we arrived there, one guest was being led out of the hangar, emotional and upset after a message had come through on the Ouija board from someone she thought she knew. This doesn’t happen very often.

During various human pendulum experiments throughout the night we received what seemed to be messages in Hangar 2 from a local called ‘Simon’ who flew planes before 1943. We also had a man called “Cliff” in the main hangar, who was an American, who had died after an accident with an aeroplane. His wife Betsy (Walker?) seemed to be looking for him but they seemed to be able to meet. There were many taps and creaks going on to the rear of the main hanger during this experiment that could not be explained. All this in an area of the hangar where earlier in the night I had felt like something/someone around 6ft tall had passed through me briefly as if just walking through.

Two guests reported some constant K2 activity whilst seated in a helicopter cockpit and the sense that someone was next to them in the seat. We checked that no mobile devices or smart watches were active at the time which may have interfered with the K2 device.

On a visit to the bathrooms during the evening there was a hard 2 knocks on the door but nobody answered when I called out to say I was in there. Nobody was there when I came out and no guests owned up to having been in that toilet block at all.

We also heard interesting first hand testimony from a member of staff from the museum who old a story of once seeing what looked to be an intruder on the premises via the CCTV in the reception area but on investigating, nobody being found on site. On watching the footage back, the figure they had seen was no longer visible.

Not as active a night as the team have had before at this venue, but such is the way of the paranormal investigation in just a snapshot few hours. Still a successful evening as the guests enjoyed it and everyone had fun.

Looking forward to our next one back at Ripon Workhouse Museum on June 18th. See you there if you’re brave enough!

Write up by Kit Brewer. See pics on our facebook page!