Todmorden Unitarian Church, 28th September

Todmorden Unitarian Church, 28th September

Location: Todmorden Unitarian Church, 28th September
Team Members: Brett, Nicola, Martin & Pete
Time: 9.00pm until 2.00am

A very wet night lay ahead of us as we started our investigation. When we was getting things unpacked and set up before our guests arrived we heard some strange noises from the far end of the church that couldn’t be accounted for as there was nobody down there. So it was starting to look like it was going to be a very eventful night. As the guests started to arrive one of them, Kit Brewer, mentioned that she had seen something moving about in between the pews. It was only small and moved very quickly.

After the briefing and the guests had chance to warm up with a warm drink, we started with our big vigil.

The Big Group Vigil

Our guests started out holding hand in a big circle while Brett did some white light protection and invited the spirits to come and communicate with us. Nothing of note really came through, there was two K2 meters in the middle of the circle and after calling out to spirit to see if they would communicate by changing the lights but we had nothing so at this point we decided to break the group up.

Usually, we would split into two groups and go to an allocated area. This time we did it differently, we let the guests choose where they wanted to go. One group went into the cellar with Pete and another group went into the top of the tower with Martin. Nicola and Brett decided to stay in the church area and conduct their own vigil.

Nicola & Brett (Main Church Area)

Nicola and Brett decided to stay in the church area. The caretaker for the night was as the far end of the church where the refreshments were. Upon starting, Nicola had said that she was getting two little children and their dog showing themselves to her. The names were Georgie (a 5 year old boy), Ann (a 9 year old Girl) and Betsie the dog (which was a terrier type dog). They were running about between the pews and playing what can only be described as Hide & Seek as they were disappearing and then their heads would be seen bobbing up from behind the pews. They did say that Daddy was watching but we never found who Daddy was. A ball, K2 Meter, Boo Bear and a doll was set up to see if they would interact with them but they preferred to keep running about between the pews. There was a lot of movement in the main church area with shadows being seen moving about at the far end of the church near the toilet area and also shadows could be seen walking in through the door and taking a seat in the pews as if attending a congregation.

After the break the vigil continued. Nicola and Brett decided to go and sit in the pews at the back of the church and couldn’t see any shadows moving or any sounds being made, a decision was taken to move back down to the front of the church and as soon as this was done, the shadows and movement continued again where we had just been sitting. It was bizarre. A franks box or Spirit Box was set up and the names Sid and Lawrence were clearly heard when asking out if any spirit could tell us what their name was. When the names were heard a blast of cold breeze was felt around our legs and hands. All doors were closed and there was nothing coming in from the windows.

Martin’s Group (Tower & Basement)

Upon ascending the very tight and winding staircase and entering the room it was a pleasant and level atmosphere with no ill feelings. Martin set up the table and explained the mechanics of the experiment to the members of the group that hadn’t done this before. After a little time of glass work there wasn’t much coming through, so it was decided to try the human pendulum experiment.  The choice was made by spirit to use our guest, Emily, as the vessel for communication. We stated to get a few things through (name of ivy) but also some very conflicting data coming through as well. The chance was taken at this point to change the vessel of communication, spirit chose Barry and we got the same spirit coming through. After a few minutes we then took a break. After the break Martin’s Group headed down to the cellar below the bell tower where the atmosphere seemed a little more intense with Barry and another guest hearing breathing behind them. As quick as it felt intense, the atmosphere suddenly changed again and went very flat and quite. We then decided to try the main part of the church where Brett & Nicola were and had a go with the new pendulum board.  There was a slight swing on the pendulum but nothing definite and also a few rapid bleeps in the K2 meter when asking questions.

Pete’s Group (Basement and Tower)

Our newest Team Member, Pete, took a small group of people down in to the basement of the church where they grouped together in a circle with a K2 meter on the floor and starting to ask out to see if any spirits where with us. The K2 meter lit up from green to orange on asking the questions. There was also had an EVP recorder which was recording everything that happened. We need to listen to to see if any questions was answered. After a small break Pete took his group up to tower with a table, K2 meter and a doll with flashing eyes. Pete got some of the group to take part on the table but did not force anyone that did not want to take part in this. The group asked out to spirit to see if any one with us but was very quiet for up in the tower.  After asking out and trying to see if spirit would communicate with us we didn’t get any response nor  did we get anything on the K2 meter either. It was agreed by all in the group to go back in to the main church where Brett & Nicola were to try something in there. A human pendulum was tried in the main church area but again, like in Martin’s group there was conflicting answers coming through.

All in all everyone left with a positive experience and we got some great feedback. Was it Betsie the dog that Kit Brewer could see when she walked in? We have to go through all the footage and listen to all the audio recordings to see if we had captured anything. A very good night in a very good location, just a shame about the weather. The scariest thing about that night was the drive home in the torrential rain. We will be going back next year so keep an eye on the facebook page ( and our website for future events being posted.

Until then, We wish you all happy hunting wherever you may be and hope to see you again on one of our future events.