The Old Nick Theatre & Police Museum, Gainsborough 7th September

The Old Nick Theatre & Police Museum, Gainsborough 7th September

Location: The Old Nick Theatre & Police Museum, Gainsborough 7th September
Team Members: Brett, Nicola, Martin, Sarah, Pam, Gaz & Pete
Time: 9.00pm until 2.30am

Big Group Vigil

Before the guests arrived, we setup one of our haunted dolls on a seat on the theatre area and set up a locked off camera pointing at it. This seat has seen various things happen including a person being pushed out if it on a previous investigation here. Nicola

The night started off with a big group vigil in the theatre area. All our guests stood round in a circle and we started off with a little white light protection. We always do this on all our events as it puts the guests at ease through the night. Some of our guests reported seeing shadows in the seating area behind them. Nicola and Sarah both also pointed out that there was a figure stood in the lighting box area watching what we were doing but wouldn’t come out to communicate. We had a K2 Meter in the middle of the circle and invited spirit to come into the circle and use the energy of all the guests to see if they would change the lights on the K2 Meter. Nothing happened. Another guest reported that the bottom of her legs felt very hot. After this we broke up into two groups. Nicola Sarah and Martin took their group downstairs into the cells and rooms area and Brett, Pete, Pam and Gaz stayed up in the theatre area with their group.

Vigil One – Brett, Gaz, Pete & Pam – Theatre Area

The Theatre area was interesting to say the least. A simple bit of calling out was tried to see if we got any responses. Unfortunately, in the theatre area the floorboards are very creaky and very difficult to distinguish between that and spirit response. We then tried some glass work on the table. Again, very little response was gained apart from a slight twisting of the glass. Could this have been spirit trying to communicate?

One gentleman in the group wanted to go down into the dressing room area and try the scrying experiment using the mirrors in there. He went down for around 10 minutes and then emerged, when asked if he had experienced anything, he said “Yes and it was weird”. The gentleman was a bit of a sceptic and had just come along with his wife. He told us that while trying the scrying experiment he noticed his facial features change to that of a woman. He described the woman has having hair just on one side of her head and just one side of her face was visible. But it was a woman. We tried a human pendulum experiment where we ask spirit to choose a person to communicate through by gently swaying forwards and backwards for yes and no answers. A spirit came through who wanted to communicate. The spirit was a woman who had been convicted of arson. When asked if this was the spirit who the gentleman saw in the mirror the response was “yes”. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get an age or name so we could research it but then gentleman hadn’t told anyone else apart from Brett about his experience until after the human pendulum experiment. After this it was break time and time to refresh the energies of the groups.

Vigil One – Nicola, Martin and Sarah – Cell and Rooms

We started off in the area that has been done up to represent a living room, some of the group tried some glass work and it seemed one of the ladies present was receiving a personal message. At this point Nicola asked the spirit to kindly step back and let the spirits of the building onto the board as we explained that personal messages could be tried again later during free time. Shortly after Martin took some of the group into the cells area while the remaining guests tried some calling out but not much was happening so we moved onto another room containing a wooden bench and lots of cabinets with various items such as police uniform, and pictures of the force.  In this room we were getting a lot of faint tapping noises on the glass cabinets in response to our questions.  There was a presence of a Male superintendent and he would only respond to being called Gov or Sir, anybody that didn’t address him this way would be ignored.  The tapping noises were significant enough to suggest communication but not a lot was making much sense.

Vigil Two – Brett, Gaz, Pete & Pam – Cells and Rooms

It was decided to give the group a tour of the cells and rooms areas and let them decide where they wanted to go. Some of the group wanted to stay in the front room mockup and some decided to go the cells.

A table was brought in and some glass work was tried in this room, not a lot happening. The group from the cells decided to join us in the room for a bit of calling out. Again, not a lot of responses that we could put down to being made by spirit.

It was then decided to move the entire group down to the male cells area. This was the most active part of the building for us. In the second cell, there was a spirit communicating who was a bit of a joker. Loved messing about with us giving us contradicting answers to questions as we conducted another Human Pendulum. Unfortunately, the cells aren’t big enough for our tables so we couldn’t really conduct any glass work here. The first male cell, however, was a completely different story. Shadows were seen on numerous occasions by all the group, the temperature was fluctuating going warm then cold, then guests reported smelling strange smells. Toward the end of the vigil Gaz saw movement down in the corridor leading to the cell area, upon investigation no body was down that end of the corridor as everyone was accounted for. The time then came for Free time for our guests to conduct their own little investigations while the team started clearing up and gathering equipment together.

Vigil Two – Nicola, Martin and Sarah – Theatre Area

While in the Theatre, the group took position in various seating areas.  Nicola and Sarah mentioned they could still see the figure in the lighting box, we asked him to come out of the shadows, but he was reluctant to do so.  We both felt he was being told not to move.  As guests were calling out Sarah was suddenly pushed off the steps leading to the judge’s room which is now a dressing room that the actors use. Because of this Nicola and Sarah decided to check out the judge’s room to see if we could find out what was going on. While in the room we did some work on the franks box and some scrying but didn’t get anything significant. The rest of the group joined us for a short while but the atmosphere went flat so we decided to take an early break before free time.

Free time

During free time guests can go off and conduct their own little investigations using our equipment. Three ladies who booked together decided to conduct a small vigil the female cell area using a K2 Meter. They weren’t in there long before they started screaming. They came back up into the base room and told us that they had been in the female cells and a purple ball had appeared as if from nowhere, bounced on the floor and started flashing and was rolling across the floor. This ball was not part of our equipment and didn’t belong to anyone who had attended on the night. On the pictures that the ladies took of the room no ball is visible at all anywhere. So, where did the ball come from? We don’t know the answer to this and probably never will.

All in all, it was a good night with great guests. We will probably be returning to The Old Nick Theatre and Police Museum in 2020 so please keep a look out on our Facebook page and on our website for any future events at this location.