Thorne Former Workhouse, Doncaster 16th March 2019

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Thorne Former Workhouse, Doncaster 16th March 2019

Location: Thorne Former Workhouse, Doncaster
Team Members: Brett, Nicola, Pam & Sarah
Time: 9.00pm until 2.00am

Our first event of 2019 got underway at 9pm with a guest briefing and talk through of the equipment that guests have use of throughout the night.

We did something a little different this time and split into our groups straight away. While Nicola and Sarah’s group made their way upstairs, Brett and Pam’s group remained downstairs. The night was very slow to start with a few taps and knocks here and there. Downstairs in Brett & Pam’s group guests were reporting of feeling cold and use of the temperature gun that we have provided temperatures of around 21 degrees Celsius on the right hand side and around 17.5 degrees Celsius on the left hand side. Then all of a sudden the temperature on the right hand side returned to around 20-21 degrees Celsius.

Brett & Pam’s group then conducted a human pendulum in the bar area. The human pendulum is an experiment where one of our guests is chosen by spirit for them to answer questions through by either gently pushing them forwards or backwards for the answer Yes or No. We got some good information using this experiment. Upstairs, Nicola and Sarah’s group made their way up into the attic area. It was in here that an unknown presence made themselves known by putting the sensation of being strangled on Nicola. Nicola had to remove herself from the area where upon the sensation wore off. Upon asking spirit what they were doing that for they found out that someone had hung themselves in the sttic area and this is what this feeling was. Then it was break time.

After the break Brett & Pam’s group made their way upstairs. Nicola and Sarah’s group remained downstairs. Nothing much happened during these two vigils. Sarah reported that spirit kept touching her in a ‘personal place’ and she respectfully asked spirit to stop it. This provided the group with a few laughs. Upstairs Some guests tried the Scrying experiment. Each reported that they could see differences in their appearence with each reporting that they noticed their eyes had changed and either going completely black or very sunken. One guest even reported that it looked like she had a male appearence including moustache and beard.

All in all it was a very slow night.  In the paranormal world this is sometimes the way it goes. Unfortunately spirit aren’t there to perform on command for us. Nothing of any significance found on the CCTV recording nor anything to note on the EVP recordings.