Halloween @ Abbey House Museum, 27th October 2018

Halloween @ Abbey House Museum, 27th October 2018

Location: Abbey House Museum, Leeds
Team Members: Brett, Nicola, Martin, Sarah, Pam, Jane and Felicity
Time: 8.30pm until 2.00am

Well guys and gals what can I say…

Abbey house at Kirkstall was a very positive night lots and lots of laughter with some new and old faces.

The night started off quite slow but built up to a gradual canter.

We started off with a protection circle on the main Victorian street scene. During the first vigil of the night three ladies were reporting that they felt a presence behind them, in front of the pub. Our sensitive, Nicola, told us that there were some children playing on the street but there was a man there as well. She described the man as an authoritative figure wearing a top hat and longish black coat, she said the spirit was showing himself to her as a Victorian policeman. All of a sudden we saw one of the ladies crouch down on the floor, when asked if she was OK she responded saying that she felt like she had been punched in the stomach. This happened a few times and we also had some K2 activity with one placed at one end of the circle and the other placed at the other end and they were both going off as if something were moving around the circle. We felt with this it was now time to split into our groups.

Brett’s group headed upstairs into the childhood section of the museum while Martin’s group stayed downstairs. Brett’s group had just walked into one area when all the K2 meters started going off. Firstly flashing up to orange then red then back to orange again. This calmed down after a while but the group got responses via the K2 Meter to questions such as ‘Are you a man?’ and the K2 Meter blipped up to orange for 2 or 3 seconds then rested again. When asked if they would like to communicate via the table the K2 meter blipped up to red and stayed there for about 4 seconds so the table was got out and a glass placed on it. It was at this point that Brett decided to split the group up further leaving 6 people in the childhood room and the rest then made their way to the Abbot’s Room at the top of the museum.

Upon reaching the Abbot’s Room the group set up a Ouija board supplied by Jane and the 5 guests remaining with us sat around it. At this point the question was asked ‘Are there any spirits that would like to communicate with us?’ the glass started moving and moved to the word ‘Hello’ on the board. So everyone welcomed the spirit and introduced themselves and then asked the question ‘Could you tell us what your name is?’ At this point the glass started moving from one side of the board to the other seemingly in a random fashion very quickly giving us the letters ‘LCLC’ ‘MCMC’ ‘BMBM’ and other random combinations including L3, M6 etc we were trying to work out what this was wehn all of a sudden the glass spelt out ‘MY NAME MARY’ so we concentrated on Mary. We found out that Mary was a maid, and was there in 1765. After we had this information the glass started doing the random combinations of letters again ‘LCLC’ ‘MCMC’ etc. After this the other group from downstairs joined the group in the Abbot’s Room so Brett took the other group back downstairs into a different area of teh childhood section.

In this area the board was used again and again we got the same letters coming up ‘LCLC’ ‘MCMC’ no matter which way the board was turned the same letters were being given. The question was asked if there was something here that they had a connection with. The planchette moved to ‘YES’ so the question was asked if it was a train, the answer ‘NO’. then we asked if it was a doll, the answer was ‘YES’. Upon looking at the dolls, Brett turned around and behind him was a big dolls house. On the dolls house were the initials MC. This started to make sense. And reading the tablet that accompanied the dolls house, it belonged to a MAUD COOPER and was built by her father LEONARD COOPER (LC) after we had this information the planchette stopped moving. There was also the letters JK spelled out but nothing could be made of this however it was found out that JK was some sort of code. Further investigation into this is needed.

It was at this point that a big break was called so our guests could go and get themselves a hot drink and some food to restore the energy for the second half of the night.

The second half of the night started with Brett’s group downstairs and Martin’s group upstairs.

Brett’s group started in the Pub area downstairs. Again, like upstairs, as soon we walked into the are the K2 Meters started going off and they were going off in response to questions too. They seemed to be more active near the Queen Victoria statue in the corned of the bar. Again, like upstairs, it was decided to split the group up again leaving a small amount of guests in the pub and the remaining guests went out to do some table work on the Victorian Street. The three ladies were there this time that had reported to us at the beginning of the night and more or less straight away they reported that they could smell the aroma of tobacco that they smelled earlier at the beginning of the night.

The group attempted some glass work downstairs and although the glass did move slightly no communication was made using this method. The K2 meters were quiet too. So the group decided to move into one of the side shops and attempted some glass work again. To no avail, the spirits didn’t want to communicate. We then moved to the school room area and tried there, the atmosphere changed. So we tried some glasswork here too but again nothing coming through although here the K2 Meters were quite active.

The guests then chose to perform a Human Pendulum outside the school room. The spirit showed us there answer for Yes and for No and we could then commence with asking questions. ‘Are you a man?’ Answer ‘NO’. So we have a female. ‘Did you work here?’ Answer ‘YES’. ‘Were you a maid?’ Answer YES’. ‘Did you work here in the 1700’s’. Answer ‘YES’. ‘Was it early 1700’s before 1750?’. Answer ‘NO’. So it was the second half of the 1700’s. ‘Was it 1765?’. Answer ‘YES’. ‘Is your name Mary?’. Answer ‘Yes’. Mary had followed us from upstairs. ‘Mary, did you have any children?’. Answer ‘YES’. ‘Was MC one of them?’. Answer ‘NO’. ‘Was it a boy?’. Answer ‘YES’. ‘Were his initials LC?’. Answer ‘YES’. Absolutely brilliant. The group had finally found out who Mary was. Some further investigation is needed to corroborate this information. By this time it was time for everything to come to an end and the guests to have their free time.

Some good things came from the human pendulum in both groups with quite a few guests in all of the locations… But the creme de la creme was our new best guest ROY. A gentleman spirit in the bar area that was contacted by Martin’s group in the first half of the night was very attracted to Roy. He must have really loved the K2 meter he was holding. Guests and team members have never seen it so full on. It must have been the mention of a pint of bitter!!!

All in all Abbey House didn’t disappoint again and everyone left very happy with the night and some left with a personal experience. For some it was their first ghost hunting experience and when asked if they would do it again they said YES! Everybody went home happy with how the night went.

At the time of writing we are still going through all the footage that we had recorded on the night, photos that were taken and EVP sessions that were conducted. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page/group and our youtube channel for videos from the night.