Doncaster Air Museum, 7th April 2018

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Doncaster Air Museum, 7th April 2018

Location: Doncaster Air Museum
Team Members: Brett, Martin, Sammy and Pam
Time: 9.00pm until 2.30am

We had set up a new kinect SLS camera in the base room and not long after setting it up it was detecting something sitting on a chair being shown as a stickman figure and also at the same time a mobile phone app was giving out the words ‘Entered’ and ‘Chair’. This was before any of our guests had even turned up.

Starting the night with a big group vigil in the main hanger we had some small activity in there with K2 meters flashing, light up balls flashing on command and small noises heard from around the hanger we thought we’d be in for a good night.

We then split up into two small groups of 8 people in each group. Brett’s group started off in the base room area (the old officers mess). They conducted a vigil in the main base room starting out with just sitting and listening for any noises or anything that they was asking spirit to make. There was a few but this could be put down the lights cooling down. They then tried a table tipping experiment. At the start nothing was happening but then Brett put some music on from the time period that he had downloaded to his phone. The table started shaking, particularly to Glenn Millar’s ‘In the mood’. This is what is known as the Singapore theory where we use something that is familiar to spirit. One of our guests picked up on the name ‘Gordon’ and the fact there was a dog in the area too and then Brett picked up that the dog was a mascot. It wasn’t until further research was done that we found out there was a dog once there and he was indeed a mascot.

Martin’s group started out their vigil in the main hanger. Activity was slow but certain knocks and taps were heard in response to questions being asked. It was here that this group also picked up on the name ‘Gordon’ and also that there was a dog here too.  Activity was slow and minimal.

We managed to catch a light anomaly on one of locked off cameras which moves from one side of the corridor to the other. If you want to see it please go to our Youtube channel or look at our facebook page.

Overall the activity on this night was very slow but all the guests enjoyed themselves and we look forward to returning again to see what we get on another night.