Halloween at Bolling Hall, Bradford 28th October 2017

Halloween at Bolling Hall, Bradford 28th October 2017

Location: Bolling Hall, Bradford
Team Members: Brett, Martin, Pam and Sammy
Time: 8.00pm until 2.30am

The night started with a group vigil in the dining room. With the guests in a big circle around the dining table we started calling out. There was a few creaks and knocks but this could be put down to the floorboards in the building cooling down. A few people mentioned they felt cold legs and could feel a cool breeze around them.

With this we decided to split into groups and go off to our respective areas. Brett and Sammy’s group went upstairs and Martin and Pam started off in the kitchen. Brett and Sammy went into the blue room and did some calling out in there. Again creaks and knocks were heard but nothing significant that we could put down to a paranormal experience. The group then moved to the Green Room, where again nothing of any significance happened. The group then moved to the Civil War room. In this room cold spots were felt and knock and taps were heard on demand. Guests were calling out and knocks were coming back when guests were asking out.

It was decided to bring a table upstairs to do some glass work.  We got the name of a spirit called Billy who was a child spirit. He liked to play games. This was a good experience for everyone involved and then it was time for a break.

After the break Brett & Sammy’s group resumed upstairs in the Nursery and Red Couch room areas. We placed a proximity sensing doll and Florence (our haunted doll) down near the dolls house. We was getting a few knocks and taps then Brett split the group up and took some of the group to the Red Room. While in this room some of the guests came up with some names which was brilliant. Upon returning to the Nursery we found that they had experienced the door opening of it’s own accord, something had turned the handle to open it and a loud thud was then heard from the area. Guests had been doing some glass work in there also and had asked the spirit if they could play the piano and the spirit had replied with YES. All of a sudden the glass stopped moving and the lights on the K2 meter placed near the piano went off but unfortunately no sound was heard from the piano.

After the big break Brett & Sammy resumed the investigation in the Kitchen area, some glass work was carried out and some information was gained. It was then asked if any of the group wanted to go down in the cellar. A table was placed in the cellar with 6 people around it. The best activity of the night happened down in the cellar. We had a lot of information come through the glass and also some table movement on request. At one point no body was touching the table and it was rocking slowly from side to side. Brett checked the hands on the top of table and got down underneath the table to make sure nobody was near it and it was rocking on it’s own. No guests was near the table legs not were their hands touching the table at the time.

All in all it was a brilliant night at Bolling Hall with people coming away from it with a personal experience and we will be returning in the future. Thanks to all the guests that attended and we hope you liked your prizes for the raffle and the Best Costume prizes.