Abbey House Museum & Kirkstall Abbey, 29th July 2017

Abbey House Museum & Kirkstall Abbey, 29th July 2017

Location: Abbey House Museum & Kirkstall Abbey
Team Members: Brett, Martin & Allison
Time: 8.30pm until 2.00am

The night started out in the Abbot’s Room at the very top of the museum. We set up a K2 meter and a table in the room.

We started by doing a little bit of protection for the guests who all joined hands and formed a circle around the table in the center of the room. We then started calling out.

We were getting some taps coming back but we put these down to the old floorboards that are in the room. As it was the start of the night the energies were just being built up so we moved onto another room.

We then moved to another part of the museum where we got a little bit of K2 activity but nothing more. The K2 was going off on demand.

We then moved onto another room and on the way to this room 2 guests heard the voice of a child shouting ‘Wait Wait’. Colin, who was wearing a pair of ear enhancers heard it and so did Gareth.

When we got into the next room we had more K2 activity and we had some activity around Boo Bear to in this room. It was great to be making this kind of contact.

Upon leaving this room we was leaving and a toy that was on a table over the other side of the room came off the table (poltergeist activity). No one was near it at all, everyone was over the other side of the room. After this we set up a locked off camera in the area to see if we can capture anything happening. Upon reviewing this footage we unfortunately didn’t capture anything more.

After the break we made our way into the Victorian streets. The group separated at this point and some people went into the pub scene and some went into the various other shop scenes. Two of our guests witnessed a set of scales in one of the shops moving and also heard voices.

In the undertakers room we had some strange K2 activity that disappeared when we left the room but instantly came back when entering the room again. We debunked a cold spot near the door. After this we made our way to the old school room.

The old school room was extremely active with three K2 meters all going off at the same time in different parts of the room. We encountered the spirit of a priest (possibly a Sunday school teacher) who wasn’t very favourable towards his pupils especially small girls. We was getting K2 spikes on all three of the meters when asking questions. This was a very good vigil and probably the best of the night for the team and the guests alike.

After the tea break we made our way to Kirkstall Abbey. We took a table with us to see what information we could get. We tried an experiment called ‘The Singapore Theory’ here. Cistertian Monk chanting was played in the abbey.  After playing just a couple of minutes of music the glass on the table started to move, albeit rather slowly. We carried on playing the music and as the music was playing the glass the moving even stronger. We asked if they spirits liked the music and the glass went to the word ‘Yes’ on the board. We contacted a spirit called William. Who didn’t really want to talk us at all. He was just playing with us.

After we had finished at the abbey we made our way back to the museum. All the guests made their way back to up to the Abbots Room for the final hour. The energies had built up enough, we was getting some information through the table and glass. We got some information through that we have checked and it does correlate with  a person who resided at the abbey itself.

All in all it was a fabulous night with fabulous guests. We will be returning again, there was just not enough time to investigate properly.