Endcliffe Hall, Sheffield 13th May 2017

Endcliffe Hall, Sheffield 13th May 2017

Location: Endcliffe Hall, Sheffield
Team Members: Brett, Nicola & Martin
Time: 9.00pm until 2.00am

This place is really steeped in History. The person who had Endcliffe Hall built was a very eccentric person and very reclusive. He didn’t like to be seen out in public. When you visit Endcliffe Hall you will see what I mean.

This is a good location and a really nice place.

The night started off slow with some little unexplained experiences. When the team was setting up and getting the chairs out for the guests we were moving them from one room to another and a blue beret mysteriously appeared on the floor. Out of nowhere. We hadn’t noticed it on any of the chairs we was moving and was told by the caretaker that it didn’t belong to anyone on the premises at that time.

The location had quite a supressed atmosphere so we had limited details coming out. We didn’t get much activity at all yet in some rooms there seemed to be a presence that wanted to communicate with us but was being held back for some reason.

We would really like to investigate this location again and see what activity we get on our return visit.