Doncaster Air Museum, 15th April 2017

Doncaster Air Museum, 15th April 2017

Location: Doncaster Air Museum
Team Members: Brett, Nicola, Gaz, Martin, Stacey & Wayne
Time: 8.00pm until 2.00am

This location has never failed to surprise us in the past and this night was no different.

The night started out slowly but our vigil in the main hanger was something else. The energy in there was fantastic and things started happening right from us walking in. One of the guests suggested we move to the rear of the hanger as they felt this was where we needed to be, the energy was phenomenal there.

All we can say is Wow really wow !!!! The way the glass was moving on the table was fantastic. To see what happened the video is now up on our youtube channel. Click Here to view the video.

This is a very interesting location and really quirky. The history in the objects kept here is fantastic.

What an amazing night! This location has given out the best paranormal experience we have ever had.

The group was really good, lots of laughing and joviality, I wish all the locations gave as much as this location.  We look forward to returning to this place again very soon.

A*** Best location so far.