The Old Nick Theatre, Gainsborough 25th March 2017

The Old Nick Theatre, Gainsborough 25th March 2017

Location: The Old Nick Theatre, Gainsborough
Team Members: Brett, Nicola, Gaz, Martin, Stacey & Wayne
Time: 8.30pm until 2.30am

This was our inaugural investigation and it didn’t fail to impress the guests. We gathered everyone together in the main theatre area. We started out with doing protection for our guests. We do this as it puts the guests at ease and we also do a close down at the end to hand back the spirits back to the building.

After a short period we started hearing some taps from the other side of the room and we could hear the floorboards creaking and cracking too. With the building cooling down this can be expected so the noises were put down to this rather than anything paranormal.

The taps then began happening when we were calling out on demand. We had a K2 meter in the middle of the circle which kept on having short spikes going from Green to Orange.

Throughout the night we experienced some good activity. One group was in the judges room and the team radio kept going into static but no one else was pressing the button on theirs. It was like something was trying to communicate using our radios.

Downstairs in the cell area another group had a good session on the spirit box with some information and words being heard.

Another group had some good glass work on the table giving some great results.

All in all 6 hours passed in a heartbeat, a great night was had by all and we look forward to going back again.